PA Systems

Public Address

Public address systems are used to reinforce a sound source e.g. a person making an announcement via loudspeakers throughout a building or venue where the natural voice would not reach.

Systems are used to cover an audience that is large, spread over a wide area or to make announcements in noisy environments.

Whether you need a simple public address system, a multi-zone system with paging or to just play background music we can design a system to suit you.

 Paging microphones can be installed in multiple locations allowing different members of staff to communicate over the system.

This can be to individual zones without interrupting other areas or globally.

- CD player, tuner or digital play back systems (background music or prerecorded messages)

- Indoor or outdoor loudspeakers

Public address systems can be used for a wide range of applications including:

Bars and restaurants

- Hotels

- Offices and schools

- Civic centres and colleges

- Sports halls and playing fields

- Agricultural show grounds

- Shops, supermarkets and showrooms

- Factories and workshops