Burglar Alarm Maintenance

The majority of people think having a Burglar Alarm System installed starts and end there. 

When you have a Burglar Alarm System installed one thing that you need to bear in mind is that the system will need to be Serviced Annually.

When you have your systems installed this is something that should be arranged with your installing company.

Ok lets look at an example.

Its 2.30 in the morning and you have a power failure.

The systems has not been serviced for at least 5 years.

The back up battery in the system will fail causing your external bell box to sound thus annoying the neighbours.

When you ring your installing company guess what sorry you don’t have a maintenance contract with us so there will be no call out engineer on his way.

Your next port of call is either going to be looking through yellow pages or surf the internet for a local company that can help you out of this situation.

Should you be lucky enough to land on our website we can and will offer you the following.

Engineer Attendance within 60 Minutes.

Repair or silence the Burglar Alarm

Replace Any Necessary parts.

Fully Stocked Vehicles with most Replacement Parts

Re program the Burglar Alarm where codes have been lost

Fixed Call out Charges.

Should your system be beyond repair we will quote you in writing before any work is completed.

We have been attending Burglar Alarm Call outs for nearly 27 years, we offer this service as a back up to all of our clients and non clients.

Should you find yourself needing an emergency alarm engineer simply give us a call and we will do the rest.