HD CCTV Installers Rugby

HD CCTV Installers Rugby

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HD CCTV refers to a collection of reliable, convenient, affordable, high-fidelity transmission technologies that were specifically developed for transporting HD surveillance video within secured premises.

HD CCTV has now become a more popular choice due to the quality of the images that HD CCTV provides.

High Definition HD CCTV Digital Video Recorder is designed to record the high definition 1080P output from our 2.1 megapixel cameras in real
time and display it on an HD monitor.

The output can also be fed to a standard VGA or BNC type monitor, but for HD quality you will need an HD monitor to view the live and recorded imagery in full HD.

Combined with our HD SDI Cameras and Range Extenders these HD DVR's can be used to upgrade existing CCTV systems to HD very cost effectively.

The HD CCTV Recorder will record and playback the video from our HD CCTV cameras in full 1080P resolution in real time.

The quality and clarity of HD CCTV Cameras is excellent.

The HD DVR's also connect to the Internet so you can stream the video to your PC or smart phone just like conventional DVR's but when they are connected to a full HD monitor thats when you really see the quality of the picture.

In addition to the high definition clarity they provide, the HD CCTV DVR's have 4 x alarm inputs, 1 x relay output audio capability on all channels and can be fitted with up to 4 Terrabytes of storage.

The Standard hard drive size is 1 Terrabyte but if you need long term storage of real time HD on all channels you can upgrade to a full Terrabyte for each channel depending on your requirements.

Simply contact us today to discuss your HD CCTV Requirements.