Do Lighter Nights Mean Less Burglaries Yes/No

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Do Lighter Nights Mean Less Burglaries Yes/No

As the Lighter nights are now here, don’t be fooled by thinking that because it’s light Burglar wont be afraid to attempt entry in to your crime preventionproperty, as we monitor burglaries across Coventry & Warwickshire, people tend to think that because we have lighter nights they can leave there windows open and doors open as they feel that a Burglar would not have the cheek to enter your home, WRONG Burglars don’t care about the time of day or night, whether its light or dark the fact is if they want it they will have have it, take simple precautions like don’t leave keys by the front door, don’t leave windows slightly open at night and check that all of your security lighting is working correctly, use timers for lights if your away for the weekend or on holiday, Crime Prevention Advice is available from your local Police Force if your not sure on any security precautions.

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