Councils Switching Off Street Lights

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Councils Switching off street lights.

Councils Switching off Street Lights but the General Public will pay the Price but at what cost.

Working within the Security Industry you can imagine the kinds of situations we attend from Burglaries, Murder, Public House Violence and much more.

As a security company we constantly write articles and blogs to make sure that you the general public are kept up to date with local crime, scams, and any form of home or business security advice.

I myself live in Bedworth Coventry & Warwickshire and have experienced over the last 2 weeks the shocking darkness that people are experiencing at night time.

I think the council have made a huge mistake here and i think the general public are going to pay the price, elderley people don’t like being out at night even with street lighting, can you imagine what they will do now with no street lighting.

It may be time to step up your home or business security as this just gives the burglar the power and the weapons to earn a fantastic living at your expense.

I would be interested in watching the crime statistics over the next 3 months, but as this is a money saving scheme i cant imagine the real figures being available to the public, only figures that will cover their methods.

This is something that will be coming to a town near you most people will think oh its not that bad, but i can assure you that when this happens you may think differently.

These pictures were taken on the 7th February 2013

Council Switch off Street Lighting coming to a town near you.