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Dvr Stands For ? Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorders use Hard Disk Drives to store video images in a digital format, this enables a user to instantly playback recordings without the hassle of messing about with the old style video tapes.

Dvr’s allow the simultaneous recording of multiple CCTV cameras and some even allow simultaneoues playback, individual camera channels can be programmed to record constantly or can be triggered to record when there is movement detected via a built in motion detector.

Dvrs allow you to back up recordings to a CD, PC or USB Stick.

Dvr’s can be connected to a Network so images can be viewed via a PC or Smartphone, Blackberry and Iphone.

CCTV Stands for, Closed Circuit Television Camera and was

used to describe how early video security systems worked, the term closed circuit was used as the images remained within the system, it was a closed loop opposed to broadcast television or sattelite images that come in to a system from outside.

Modern CCTV systems are not quite so closed as they used to be, often allowing people to see images from anywhere in the world.

A CCTV Camera is the device in the system that captures the video information and sends it to the monitor or the recording device.

When choosing a CCTV Camera first pick the shape and style you want , then look for a camera with the highest resolution as possible, always choose the camera that you can afford, the higher the resolution also known as TVL Lines will give you the best picture.


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