Burglars Marking Your Home with Chalk Symbols

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Does your home have the markings for a Potential Burglary

On Wednesday the 31st of October 2012 we were called to a property in the Holbrooks Area of Coventry as a new customer was concerned about finding chalk markings outside her property.

When we arrived we found several chalk markings as follows.

1. Just a Chalk Mark shapaed like a cross

2. A picture of a chalked house

3. 2 Numbers which will have your working hours IE: 7 – 4 

The above numbers let people know what time you leave in the morning and what time you return, this should tell you that your home has been watched and targeted for some time.

The client we saw this evening has had a Burglar Alarm System installed but unfortunately it wasn’t working, after we had inspected it is turned out to be quite a simple repair costing them a lot less that what the damage which a Burglary may cause.

Should you have a Burglar Alarm System then i would advise you to get in touch with your Security Company Provider and have it checked to make sure everything is working correctly as it should.

Check your property for any of these Chalk Marks outside your property










Should you see any of these marks chalked on your property then contact your Local Police force straight away, they will probably already be aware of this going on in your area but these Criminals are targeting streets in your local area.

Should you require any crime prevention advice simply get in touch and we can advise you free of charge regardless if your a customer of ours or not

Tel: 02476101998